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The Fuzz Speech

This is a great website. I love how how it shows the fascia of the body.

Pathway to Happiness

The following website focuses on our emotions and how our emotions can affect our bodies.

Pathway to Happiness

It will address and explore the dynamics of the mind/body connection.  Our beliefs affect our emotional reactions which we can feel in our bodies. 

Gary Van Warmerdam's course will teach you about the different emotions and how to gain control over your emotional reactions.  Our emotions can create a roller coaster of chaos which is felt in the body.

There is a lot of free information on his website, free Podcast downloads and the first 4 lessons are free in the Audio Program of Self-Mastery.  

I highly recommend this site.


Go Beyond the Mind

and experience yourself as consciousness

Without getting stuck in resistance,the internal chatter and a feeling of only scratching the surface.

Lot's of facts on the Importance of Water

Your body is about 60%water.  When you drink plain water it is directly absorbed by your body.  If you add any flavorings to your water the body then has to digest it.  Be easy on your body, be sure to drink plenty of plain water.

The Health Benefits

of Water

Aimings Acpuncture 

I have studied acupressure in massage school and I believe it to be a very powerful modality.  Some people utilize needles to treat trigger points which can be very helpful while others use needles in precise locations that will affect the energy flowing through the meridians of the body based on traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy.

If you have ever wanted to try a good acupuncturist who understands traditional Chinese medicine theories and Chinese philosophy ( Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five elements, and the Chinese Organ system), which are fundamentally distinct from that of western medicine, I recommend Aimings Acupuncture.

I have personally tried acupuncture from Aiming and it was very helpful. We are fortunate to have her here in the Joplin area.

Want to try juicing but don't where to start?

Interesting video and website about rebooting your life with juicing.  This video is available on Netflix.    I have tried it and I love the taste of the mean green juice.

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