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Trigger points are a little known, but at times a significant source of pain for many people. Treating them can reduce chronic pain, and increase flexibility and ease of movement. Knowledge of how to find and release trigger points is a valuable skill you can use to improve your quality of life – as well as the fitness and health of those around you.

There are a number of different methods for treating trigger points. There are manual massage techniques, injections, hot and cold pack treatment and acupuncture.

They all operate on the same principle – their aim is to interrupt the message that is telling the muscle with the trigger point to stay in spasm. Want to know the names and locations of the muscles that could be causing your pain?  Click on the link below to use the Trigger Point Finder.

Trigger Point Finder

How to Use the Trigger Point Finder

You can use the charts to find trigger points anywhere in your body. Use the images above to find which trigger points may be responsible for the muscle pain you may be experiencing. 

To begin, click on the area of the model’s body where feel your pain. When you do this, a selection of different muscles will appear – all possible candidates for the cause of your pain. Hover the cursor over each each muscle, and the pain referral pattern for that trigger point will be visible. 

You then see if the pain patterns in the diagrams correspond to the pain you feel. When you find one that does, click on the muscle names and you will to through to a more detailed picture of that muscle. 

There will be X’s – these show the location of trigger points in that muscle. When you click on the X’s the pain referral pattern of the trigger point will be shown in red. You can then use your own judgement to see whether the distribution of pain is the same as what you are feeling. If so, then it’s likely that you have these trigger points. 

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